Nitra Region

Visit Nitra Region with the local capitol Nitra located under Zobor Hill. The visit of Nitra can be regarded as one of the cradles of Slovak culture. In the 9th century, the Slavic Prince Pribina resided in Nitra and in 828 had the first Christian church in present-day Slovakia consecrated here.

Later, the Principality of Nitra became part of the Great Moravian Empire, and the castle of Nitra became one of its centres. In the 9th century, a Benedictine monastery dedicated to St Hippolytus was established above the city on Zobor Hill; the oldest written documents about Slovakia originate from this monastery. Valuable Romanesque sacred buildings have been preserved in and around the city, and to this day a bishop resides in the city’s castle-cathedral complex.

Nitra is a modern city which holds an annual international agricultural fair, Agrokomplex. Thanks to its university and theatre, Nitra is full of young people and boasts a very lively nightlife.

Visit of Nitra Region is also worth for the arboretum in Mlynany, one of the largest botanic gardens in the world, attracts many visitors. The arboretum covers 67 hectares and holds almost 2,400 varieties of plants.

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Statue of Corgoň in Nitra