Customer testimonials

13.12. 2023

Dear Petra,

thank you for the interesting program and reliable organization – with a smooth implementation without delays and unnecessary downtime. Many participants told me that the bar was set high in terms of food, accommodation and program. The program was very well balanced, while keeping the red line of discovering the tradition and modern viticulture of the Small Carpathian Wine Routes.

Many thanks and best regards

Martin (bank from Austria, we have organised one night VIP stay in the Small Carpathians area including VIP dinner and wine-tasting)

19.12. 2022

Hey Marek,

all fine, thank you.

Thanks again to you and also to Nina for this special event. I only heard positive Feedback, especially about the tours and the outstanding food at our gala dinner. Everyone was very happy and satisfied.

I wish you and your family merry Christmas and some time to relax and recharge the batteries. I surely are in need for my vacation now. (Just one more day to go 😊)

Thank you again and best regards

Anton (IT consultancy company from Germany, we have organised complete Bratislava Experience for them during the day and gala dinner at Primate´s Palace)

24. 10. 2022

Dear Marek,
We would like to thank you very much for the great event you organizes, the professionalism and enthusiasm you transmitted to our customer and the great fun they had with the treasure hunt, the winetasting in the dark and the sightseeing tour with excellent guides.
We look forwards to our next event and say
Thanks you very much.

Franco (IT company from Germany, we have organised the activities afternoon and the dinner)

06. 09. 2021


They are so happy with everything so this was a big success! Thank you for all your hard work!

Talk to you soon!

Johann (agency from Sweden, we have organised complete services for HC LEKSANDS club in Bratislava)

03. 06. 2019

Dear Marek

Hope you are fine and you had a good weekend.

From our side nothing should be open reg. Project IIHF 2020. Want to thank you very much for the great support and collaboration. The service from you and Petra was fantastic! Everything went well and we got very good feedbacks especially from SIHF (Sponsor-Group & Presidents).

So thanks again and hope to see you for another project….would be great

Best Regards, Marc  (the tour operator from Switzerland / we have organised complete logistics services for Swiss Fans and VIPs during World Ice-hockey Championship in Bratislava)

29. 05. 2019

Dear Marek,

it was pleasure to work with you. Everything was planned and executed perfectly and thank you very much for being there for us all the time and for reacting fast to all last minute changes. Once again thanks for a great project!

Best Regards, Anna  (the tour operator from Moscow / we have organised the services for their VIP group during World Ice-hockey Championship in Bratislava)

16. 05. 2019

Hi Beata,

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all your excellent help and support during the event last week. You were superb to work with both, during the planning stage and during the event itself. All the transfers went smoothly thanks to your meticulous approach and full commitment to this event and I really appreciate your dedication, fast responses and for being there for us when required – thank you!

We have this event contracted for 2020 again at the Grand Hotel River Park, so I will look forward to working with you again in 2020!

Thank you again and all the best wishes, Katerina  (the event agency / we have organised the dinners and logistics for their conference in Bratislava)

26. 11. 2018

Hi Marek,

Just wanted to drop you a note of personal thanks for all your support on the programme.  It was great to meet you and have your knowledge and experience of Bratislava to help us.  Mirka and Sarah did a great job in managing everything and we could let them run everything and help when we needed to.

I really enjoyed your company and hope that we can bring more groups to Bratislava.  I have already spoken to one of my colleagues about the success of the programme and how the destination would be good for their client as well in the future so you may hear more about that soon J

Good luck in Barcelona this week at the IBTM and no doubt we will catch up soon.

All my best wishes,  Mark (the event agency from United Kingdom/ we have organised the dinners, social programme and logistics for their conference in Bratislava)

19. 10. 2018

Dear Marek,

Thank you very much for all your help in Bratislava! Everything worked out perfectly and our customers were very pleased. I really hope we will have another opportunity to come in Bratislava and potentially with more activities. Have a great weekend ahead!

Kind Regards,  Dimitris (the event agency from Switzerland/ we have organised the dinners and staffing for their conference in Bratislava)

19. 06. 2018

Good Morning Marek,

Hope you are dong well and had a wonderful weekend! It was an absolute pleasure working with you and we appreciated all of the efforts made by you and your team. Ingrid did a fantastic job on transfers – especially since we had so many changes! I can’t wait to come back to Bratislava and work with you again.

Hopefully next time I will have some free time to explore the city.

Many thanks,  Priti (pharma client from Switzerland/ we have organised the complete logistics for their conference in Bratislava)

30. 05. 2018

Client told met hat they were very pleased with their stay in Bratislava, and that everything went smooth and as planned. Thank you – great job 🙂

Best regards, Stig (agency from Norway/ we have organised the incentive trip for their client)

24. 05. 2018

Good evening from Singapore!!!

It was very nice to hear from you.

I am the one should said a very “BIG THANK YOU” to you & Marek for helping us to make the event successful! Your company service really excellent and the style of service given is very similar to our company philosophy. Both of you make sure everything is in order before group arriving in each places, it make a lot of difference and it run smoothly.

You are the first land operator that giving this excellent service to our customer to ensure all in good hands!

There were many happy surprises during the trip and they remembered everything. Also, the guide play an important role as well. She did a very great job!

The MD was very happy for the arrangement. The only problem was the journey too far from High Tatras to Prague. Next time we must think how we can solve this problem.

Once again, thank you very much from my bottom of heart ❤️! Hope to see you again.

Best regards, Pauline (agency from Singapore/ we have organised VIP Slovakia incentive event for their top client)

12. 03. 2018

Hi Ingrid,
yes they were sooo happy with their trip. I had a long phonecall wit my client after coming home Monday evening and everything was just great! Shooting was super. Mirka was super (extra plus for the cake she made for his birthday), restaurants great etc. The beer tour was a bit too slow and he got the feeling that they havne’t done that beer tour so many times before. It wasn’t a big thing and actually the only thing that he didn’t gave full awards to 🙂

Kind regards, Emma (agency from Sweden/ we have organised the incentive event for them)

01. 11. 2017

Hi Mirka,
Thank you so much for taking such good care of our group last week. They had a fantastic time and we’ve had very positive feedback so far. Thank you also for all your detailed work beforehand, I know you put a lot of effort into making sure everything is perfect, which is very important to us.

Kind regards, Sarah (event agency from UK/ we have organised another VIP incentive event for them)

21. 09. 2017

Hi Mirka,
It sounds as though the group had a fantastic time, thank you for all your hard work sorting everything out. Here is the feedback from the host… “The trip was absolutely fantastic and the feedback has been nothing but positive from everyone. Our driver, Boris, was very professional and interacted well with everyone, I did ask him to not use his phone as he did send a couple of texts, he also had a minor accident when a car pulled in behind him whilst reversing but no harm was done and he was very apologetic even though it was not his fault. All restaurants were brilliant and the itinerary was spot on giving enough free time for the guests to relax and catch up on sleep!”

Thanks, Sarah (event agency from UK/ we have organised small VIP incentive event for them)

20. 09. 2017

Dear Ingrid!
Just spoke to my client!!!! WOW, I am telling you, I have NEVER had a more satisfied group!!! I am speechless! Everything was so perfect, and they really liked you!! What an excellent service you gave them! They loved the trekking, THE PASTA-lunch was the best ever! The wine-tasting.. the hotel, they like all the restaurants! I have not one single thing to complaint about 🙂
I am really looking forward to send our next group to you! Thank you for an excellent work!! I will tell Natasha at The Travel Collection how satisfied I am!

Kind regards, Cecilia (agency from Sweden/ we have organised the incentive event for them)

19. 09. 2017

I want to share with you the positive feedback I had from the group. They were really more than happy to have such a good experience in Bratislava, mostly due to the good service you gave them and the well organized arrangements. They loved the biking tour and the city and it’s athmosphere and the best part was that the weather was really nice with 28 degrees warmth!
So well done to you and your team and thanks for the good cooperation

Manella (event agency from Sweden/ we have organised the incentive event for them)

18. 09. 2017

I just spoke to Daniela this Friday regarding their experience in Bratislava. By the way, Daniela says hello and sends you warm greetings 🙂 They were just delighted with Bratislava and with your team! She had so many positive things to say about you. I am so happy we proposed Bratislava, which for me and for the group was a quite unknown destination and that everything turned out so well!

I feel very confident and secure to send groups to Slovakia when I know that they will be taken good care of by you

Looking forward to work with you again! Sophia (event agency from Sweden/ we have organised the incentive event for them)

28. 08. 2017

Just to say the group had a great time and gave great feedback so all is good 🙂 Thank you for your help on this group, and hopefully we can get another group together soon.

Heidi (event agency from Norway/ we have organised the incentive event for them)

24. 07. 2017

All went very well and our guests did really enjoyed it. You did experience this one lady with her food problem. Other than this, all was fine. Thank you very much for your great work and all important info, which made our trip so great!

Until next time. Juergen (event agency from Germany/ we have organised the incentive event for them)

06. 07. 2017

We had the meeting with client and they told us the dinner was delicious, they liked Leopoldka restaurantka very much as a venue, the guide was superb, so everything went smoothly. Thank you for arranging their stay and I hope we could cooperate again!

Best regards, Adrian (event agency from Poland/ we have organised the short incentive event for their client)

22. 05. 2017

Ingrid, first of all THANK YOU very much again for all your excellent help and support during the Deloitte event! You have been superb to work with as always and I really appreciate all your hard work, long hours and commitment to this event. It really means a lot to me and the client that we could rely on you 100% and all went perfectly well and smoothly. And also please pass my thanks to the rest of your team who helped you. And Marek – thank you of course very much for looking after the UFO dinner! And congratulations on your great team!

Thank you again for everything and all the best wishes for now, Katerina (event agency / we have organised the logistical support for their event)

16. 05. 2017

Client sent my email and they are very satisfied with tour. Hotel was great, also excursion and restaurants was fine. Everyone was happy after tour. Only thing they mentioned it could be perfect with Norwegian speaking guide in excursion (possibly because there was someone who didn’t understood english so perfect), but all in all everything was perfect.

Good job!

Eva (event agency from Norway/ we have organised the incentive trip to Bratislava for their client)

21. 03. 2017

Enjoy Slovakia DMC organized a treasure hunt for 130 of our top management at our annual management conference in Bratislava. The entire tour was well thought through and organized. The use of iPads and tasks during the activity was well received by our participants.  We also used DMC to manage our hotel/airport transportation; we were very satisfied with their professional services.

Thank you for helping us make this a memorable experience!

Nishani (DHL Supply Chain Mainland Europe, Middle East and Africa)

01. 12. 2016

Dear Marek, as already said over the phone I just wanted to let you know that we had lots of positive feedback from delegates about the transfers. That applies to the kindness and effeciency of your staff, the cleanliness of the vehicles and to the timeliness. You contributed to the huge success this conference for us. A special thanks also to Mirka for having been available at all times. Thank you also very much for your efforts.

Kind Regards, André (SME ASSEMBLY conference for over 600 guests in Bratislava/ we have organised all logistics for them)

09. 09. 2016

The guidance of Mr. Maros Borsky was very interesting. He has a big knowledge. Everybody has appreciated it very much and have been very satisfied. I would take him as guide again another time! UFO service was very good, nothing to complain! We liked all the city very much. Next time we should stay longer and spend one night in a hotel! Thank you also very much for your efforts.

Anne-Lise (special interest group from Switzerland/ we have organised very special guided tour in Bratislava for them)

05. 09. 2016

We have had a wonderful trip. Only positive feedback. Bratislava is a wonderful city. I am going back. Hotel and restaurants matched the group perfectly. Igrid is also a very sweet lady who did a very good job.

Thanks for all your help, Marte (event agency from Norway/ we have organised the incentive trip to Bratislava for them)

30. 06. 2016

I would once again like to thank you for your great help with organizing our meeting. This meeting was very important the Slovak management, as it was an annual meeting for all company group Board members from all countries, which was this time held in Slovakia. With over 80 participants and the complex nature of our activities this was no easy task.
We received great feedback from the participants, they enjoyed the VW plant tour as well as the speedboat trip from Devin. Thank you especially for being so flexible with the speedboats that even though due to our storm we were not able to take the boats up to Devin castle, you managed to organize a transfer to the restaurant instead.
Our car racing was also greatly appreciated by the participants and none of my worries regarding timing materialized. Our gala dinner was beautifully prepared and the food was also excellent.
Again thank you for the great job in planning, timing and also budgeting – the bosses certainly appreciated that there were no surprises at the end when the bill came. Should the opportunity come, we will for sure cooperate with you again.

Thank you again and kind regards, Lucia (multinational company / we have organised the complete 5* offsite programme for them)

23. 05. 2016

It was great! Surpassed my expectations. The vehicle was high end, Marian was both interesting and valuable, and you were right to insist on the first wine stop. Great cellar and the best wines. Everyone had a great time. Bit expensive, but worth it. We ended up at La Cave Barcelona for dinner. Better to be in the centre of the old town given how pretty it is. Thank you for all of your help and advice. I will definitely recommend you to others who want to come.

Stephen (individual group from UK/ we have organised special wine tour for them)

05. 05. 2016

I’ve received an email from the tour leader, the group was very satisfied with everything. They have had a very nice trip to Wien yesterday. A big thank you to you and your team
Thanks for your help, we will return to you when we have other groups to BTS.

Best regards Heidi (tour operator from Norway / we have organised VIP group stay for them in Bratislava and trip to Vienna)

24. 07. 2015

Everything was perfect. I really appreciate your efforts in making this birthday so special. Hope to return to your beautiful country soon.

Gleb (tour operator from Russia/ we have organised VIP services for special birthday party group of their client)

05. 11. 2014

We would like to thank you for arranging the tour for the group of 15 pax. The clients returned and we spoke by the telephone and they told us that they were all so happy with the trip. They liked all services and the work of the Russian-speaking guides. We had an experience with your company for the first time and we would like to thank you and all the team of the company Enjoy Slovakia.

Ekaterina (tour operator from Russia/ we have organised the services for their Architecture tour group in Bratislava and Vienna)

02. 10. 2014

Everything was perfect. The two girls you sent to the hotel were lovely, and the transportation was incredible. Thank you so much for the great service!

Patricia (the company from US/ we have organised the services for their conference in Bratislava)

11. 04. 2014

I spoke to the client today and she was very happy with the trip to Bratislava, all went perfect! I want to thank you very much for all your extra efforts to make this trip a success!
I hope we will have soon other requests/groups in your direction.

Best regards,

Sybille (the agency from Belgium/ we have organised the special marketing research group itinerary)

05. 12. 2013

I would like to thank you for your work. Our clients were happy about the hotel, excursion and hockey, especially when our team won:)))
I hope for our future cooperation.
With best regards,

Kristina (the agency from Russia/ we have organised VIP stay for their clients visiting Bratislava for the KHL hockey game)

14. 11. 2013

What I heard from our side, everything went well, perfect organised and a big thank you to you and your team!
Thanks a lot and have a nice week.
Best regards from Switzerland.

Rita (LUX INTERNATIONAL from Switzerland/ we have organised the incentive day during their conference in Bratislava)

09. 10. 2013

I just received feedback from the tourleader. He said everything went well. All the hotels were good and the food also. He was also very satisfied about the guides. For his opinion, in the program just a little too much castles and churches. The group returned tired but satisfied.
Thanks a lot for the good care and hope to work with you again on a next group.
Kind Regards,

Nathalie (tour operator from Belgium/ we have organised Special interest tour around Slovakia for their clients)

20. 09. 2013

We used DMC Enjoy Slovakia to support us during our annual partner conference in Bratislava. We worked with them to provide us with suggestions for evening entertainment and they certainly delivered some excellent ideas and everything ran really smoothly during our event. Everything was so well organised from start to finish. My emails were answered quickly, even when they were late in the day. We also used DMC to manage our hotel/airport transportation and again, the service was excellent. All transportation was on time and very professional. Overall, DMC offered us a very professional service and I would definitely recommend them to anyone organising an event in Slovakia.

Sarah (ZBD DISPLAYS from UK/ we have organised all activities outside the hotel during their conference in Bratislava)

19. 08. 2013

Let me share my feedback for GER team. My feedback according all event days is only positive, everything went really well, was absolutely good organized. The people from your local agency were always there and their support was on a high level.
Looking forward for next cooperation.

Radovan (IT company from UK/ we have organised several teambuildings for their small team in Bratislava)

16. 07. 2013

I would like to thank you for the attention you showed to our group and flawless services.
Look forward to working together again in the future.
Kind Regards.

Cicek (agency from Belgium/ we have organised the dinner and the transfers for their small event in Bratislava)

12. 07. 2013

We are writing you today to express our appreciatiation for the support you and your team delivered before and during our leadership conference 2013 in Bratislava. With Enjoy Slovakia we found a really reliable and trustful event partner in Bratislava with outstanding expertise in organising events of all sizes and dimensions. We were personally impressed of yours and Maros’ knowledge of the MICE sector across Europe.
We have received very positive feedback from the conference participants, especially about the seamless organisation of the transports, the gala evening – and the food!
We will certainly book on your services again should we plan further meetings in Bratislava and I will recommend Enjoy Slovakia to my colleagues in the SCA group. It was a real pleasure working with you.
Yours sincerely.

Michaela (SCA/ we have organised the gala dinner and logistics for their event in Bratislava)

10. 06. 2013

I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you and your team once again for all that you did to make our vent in Bratislava perfect. We appreciate your personal interventions and attention to details that made every event go off without a hitch. The dinner last night was really fantastic and everyone enjoyed the music, the dancing, the food, the atmosphere…
Thank you once again Marek and we hope to see you again soon.

Hongjoo (WORLDBANK/ we have organised the complete programme and logistics for their event in Bratislava)

24. 04. 2013

Thank you for your help with this event and I hope we are able to work together again.

Kind regards,

Judith (agency from UK/ we have organised the complete transportation logistics for their event in Bratislava)

23. 04. 2013

I hope you are well. I received the email from the team in Bratislava – looks like they had a great time and the weather looked really nice. The feedback was very positive so thank you very much for all your help, it is much appreciated.

Kind regards,

Kevin (agency from UK/ we have organised the rafting teambuilding for their client in Bratislava)

15. 01. 2013

We are back at home. Just wanted to thank you for all your efforts!!! We had a great holiday in Jasna. We liked everything…the hotel, the food, the ski slopes, the weather…everything. The hotel was very nice and people working there were very kind. We are thinking to go back for a short holiday again as soon as possible. Thank you again for everything and have a beautiful day!

Best regards,

Adela (Romanian ski-group/ stayed in the hotel FIM*** Jasna)

24. 10. 2012

I spoke to my client and in general, the group was satisfied and enthusiastic with your services. Maros was a very good guide with a lot of knowledge.

Best regards,

Dick (Agency from Holland/ we have organised complete 4-day trip to Bratislava for their VIP clients – CEO club)

02. 10. 2012

Everything was fine (food, service) – we got only positive feedback from our guests. Thank you very much.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Sandra (WEYLAND from Austria/ we have organised VIP dinner for their guests)

25. 09. 2012

The group have advised that they had a great time in Slovakia. Thank you for looking after the team and they advised that the facilities of the pitch was very good. If I receive any other groups looking to go to Slovakia I will not hesitate in contacting you.

Kind regards

Laura (sport agency from UK/ we have organised the friendly futball match for their clients)

15. 09. 2012

I would like to thank you and your partner Maros for the very professional organization of our event in Bratislava. The group was very happy with the program and enjoyed the meeting. You were a very reliable partner. We were always on schedule with the activities and you ensured a smooth running of our meeting. I appreciated very much that you kept the budget completely under control.

I wish you all the best for future events.

Best regards

Annette (CONTINENTAL REIFEN from Germany/ we have organised the conference and the side programme for them in Bratislava)

25. 08. 2012

Our experience was outstanding and the organisational effort by Enjoy Slovakia DMC likewise. Highly recommended for individual touring, our group had 13 family members (age 7-77). Aqua-City in Poprad was a great idea.

Best regards

Dr. Jan Rival (from USA/ we have organised complete Panorama of Slovakia tour for his family)

17. 07. 2012

I just wanted to drop you a quick note saying a big ´thank you´ to you and your team for all of your hard work at our 4-days event last week. Thanks to your support in advance of our trip to Bratislava, and to you and your team while there, everything went exceptionally well. I have received lots of excellent feedback as the result of the smooth delivery on all aspects of the event. Should we choose Bratislava again as a venue for this type of the event, I would have no issues is using your services again.

Well done to you all and I wish you every success in all future endeavours.

Best wishes

Fiona (TESCO United Kingdom /we have organised all side services for their conference event in Bratislava)

28. 06. 2012

In 2012, our Marketing Conference was held in Bratislava where I used the services of Enjoy Slovakia DMC. A dinner event was to be held in Bratislava and a restaurant location was the main important goal.
My contact person, Marek Farkas, proved to be very knowledgeable about the different options available in the capital city of Slovakia. Very quickly we were able to visit the venues and meet its owners. The venues were all of very good standard and seem flexible and eager to work with our company to ensure a smooth organization. A choice was made and Enjoy Slovakia DMC took care of the details before the actual event.
The dinner event was a success. The restaurant met the requirements we discussed beforehand. The food was of a high standard, the service also was professional and efficient. The working partnership with Marek Farkas was an enjoyable experience. A person who knows his partners and does his very best to ensure a good service during the event. Professional, flexible and always available to discuss details or to arrange last minute changes.

I definitely recommend using Enjoy Slovakia DMC as a partner when organizing your event in Bratislava.

I would like to thank you for your efforts and for the good cooperation. I’m looking very foward to work with you soon.

Best wishes.

Olivier (ARC Belgium / we have organised the gala dinner at the restaurant Flowers during their Marketing Conference in Bratislava)

11. 05. 2012

I talked to the client, everything was fine, the guide was really nice, well-informed and the family was really happy about the tour.
I would like to thank you for your efforts and for the good cooperation.
I’m looking very foward to work with you soon.

Best wishes.

Katrin from Austria (we have organised the VIP trip for their group in Bratislava – through the tour operator in Austria)

14. 03. 2012

The trip to Bratislava was a huge success. Airplanes and cars were all on time and that worked well.
Hotel Arcadia was a delight – quite small – but in a delightful old building with lots of architectural features. Very helpful staff and delicious food. They even set up a special table for us to eat in the library/bar with an open fire – all to ourselves.
The concert was superb and in the recently re-opened concert hall which had been lavishly redecorated – baroque style with loads of gold leaf.
Our guide on Saturday morning was excellent and charming – she had a good sense of humour and pitched her talk at just about the right level for us all – which is a great skill. Opera was good – very good soprano lead but the rest were not top quality and the scenery very poor – but we all enjoyed it.
The Castle on Sunday was absolutely magnificent and very well preserved and an excellent guide. I had found a very good restaurant in the nearby town. We all enjoyed it very much and found all the Slovakians we came across helpful and charming.
Thank you very much for arranging such a good trip.
Best wishes – and hope to do some more trips through you.

Jane Carr from UK (we have organised the complete VIP cultural trip for their small group in Bratislava – through their local UK tour operator)

07. 11. 2011

Good Morning!
Of course we had fun!
Robin hood course was great.
Paintball too…(we had some people bitten by teaks)
Matisak best quality. UFO was fun. Elesko is a little to trendy for us. (next time we will check on Matysak vineyards.
Have fun an tnx for good organization!
PS hotel was perfect.

Stephen (ACB AIRCONDITIONING Belgium/ we have organised the complete 3 nts teambuilding event for their company)

04. 11. 2011

I´m sending you a few photos from goose dinner event. It´s been fantastic event – in the name of winning team many thanks for it.

Radovan (DELL SK/ we have organised the private Goose Feast dinner for their team in the traditional Goose Restaurant)

29. 09. 2011

The people enjoyed the dinner very much; there was a good atmosphere and the food was excellent.
With kindest regards,

Rien van der Vegt (LEHRHAUS Hamburg DE/ we have organised the private dinner for the in the traditional restaurant Matysak Bratislava)

23. 09. 2011

I have received an email from Rado saying that everything was great, that he’d launched the incentive and that everything works fantastic! The photos look lovely and again, as usual, your help and professionalism are excellent! I hope you know how much I appreciate your help when we have these activities to turn around – usually at short notice – and you always help us to get things done and delivered!

Corinna (TREND MICRO UK/ we regularly organise the arrangements for their incentive programmes in Bratislava)

27. 08. 2011

I have had a very nice vacation in Slovakia. Thank you very much for all the reservations and organisation. The weather was great and everything worked perfectly.

I would like to give you a little more specific feedback.

On the hotels:

Botel: very charming, friendly and helpful service. I also liked the little bar just above the botel on the promenade (surprisingly this is the only one on the whole river promenade).

Magnolia: OK, standard service. Although I do not understand why this is a 4 star hotel, no higher service, no airconditioning in the room, the elevator has no inner door (hard to imagine that this is acceptable with safety standards).

Janosik: Very good, renovated a few years ago. Friendly and helpful service. Very good hotel restaurant (excellent food for moderate prices).

Palace: Very good. Friendly and helpful service. The dependance where I stayed is a newly built house behind the hotel. Large room, very well equipped.

Driving around was quite easy, overall good signing (I used the old-fashioned method going with a paper map and following the road signs).

I also visited Orava castle – very impressive, although guided tour only in Slovak, but english/german brochures available.

Liptovsky Mikulas has a charming and large market square. Good for having dinner and/or a drink. I also made a stop for lunch in Zvolen. Also a beautiful market square.

The most remarkable site in Bratislava I found the old town hall with its architecture, exhibitions and decorations. I recommend to climb up its tower to enjoy a great view over the city.

Hope this was helpful for you. If you have any other questions please let me know.

Steffen Wagner (booked self-driving holidays around Slovakia)

30. 07. 2011

I got a very positive feedback for the activity and the organisation. Many thanks for everything, I will be sure to recommend your company should we have another meeting in Bratislava.

Virginia (COOK MEDICAL Ireland/ we have organised small incentive programme for their group meeting in Bratislava)

04. 07. 2011

The feedback by the guides ( both of them) is good and I reconfirm it with the client:):), so congratulations for all very good job done and most especially for the first group, which was not easy with the mother nature saying its words!!!’
But you manage to solve the problem, Tks a lot.!!!!!!!
Once again many tks for your support, assistance and true professionalism. I am also very happy, as I suggested Bratislava and it sounded very unusual for them, so I was with a lot of expectations as well.!!!
Wishing you a good and sucessfull summer period.

Mario (event agency from Portugal/ we have organised two incentive groups for their client LUSITANIA, the clients stayed at RADISSON BLU CARLTON hotel)

30. 05. 2011

We spent four days in the lovely city of Bratislava. Everything was perfect due to the careful, well-planned organization of our event by the Enjoy Slovakia team. We were taken care of every minute of our stay and the owner, Marek, was always available for any questions we had. This is definitely a city worth visiting and I highly suggest using the Enjoy Slovakia team in order to get the most from your trip. I have rarely worked with such a professional agency, and have recommended them to many colleagues since our visit. The entire team has fond memories of our stay! Thank you so much for the extraordinary service and I hope to be back soon!!

Michele (from DVB BANK Germany/ we have organised the complete leisure part of their meeting event in Bratislava)

23. 05. 2011

First of all, thank you for your kind help and assistance in organizing of our event, to say it truly it would be a much more difficult issue for me if I hadn’t such a reliable partner as you are. I’m sure, if some small things didn’t work as we together planned, this is because the suppliers in Slovak Republic have never experienced such a big event before and therefore made a few mistakes, but I’m sure, you have done your job perfectly. If we will have to organize an event in Slovakia in the future, we will contact Enjoy Slovakia DMC again, without hesitation.

Best regards, Inna (from EUROCHEM Switzerland/ we have organised the complete TOP VIP services for them during the World Ice-Hockey Championship in Bratislava)

06. 04. 2011

The clients were very happy with the guide and the well organized tour. The chocolate shop was a surprise. I hope they enjoyed it. 🙂

If I have clients for Slovakia, I’ll be sure to contact you. I’ll be in touch.

Best, Therese (the travel agent from USA/ we have organised very VIP tour in Bratislava and around the city for them)

30. 03. 2011

Thank you for the nice and fun evenings we had in Bratislava. The group really enjoyed it and had a lot of fun during the curling event.

Barbara (from ROCHE/ we have organised for them the programme+dinners after the meetings in Bratislava)

17. 03. 2011

Thank you for following up 🙂 We had an amazing time thanks for your help, hotel smokovec was fantastic and accommodating. I will definitely contact you next time and hopefully more than 1 day in advance but no guarantees as im a last minute kinda guy! Thanks again.

Alex (stayed in the hotel SMOKOVEC*** High Tatras)

04. 03. 2011

Good morning to all,
I would like to thank you for fantastic Trend Micro fun day. It was really pleasure to work and make fun with you. I´m looking forward for our next cooperation.

Radovan (from DELL Company in Slovakia/ we have organised another Trend Micro Days for them in Dell in Bratislava)

16. 12. 2010

I really appreciate your help with the activities we have done with Dell – your efforts, enthusiasm and professionalism and I look forward to continuing this next year.
All the best,

Corinna (from TREND MICRO Company in UK/ we have organised the Trend Micro Days for them in Dell in Bratislava)

15. 12. 2010

The group enjoyed very much their stay in Slovakia and overall was very satisfied with the services you provided for them. The tour was excellent on Sunday, it was very good decision to keep the original programme and schedule. Thank you for advising that. The guide was very nice person, who was controlling eveything and gave an interesting guidance. Finally the Koliba dinner was a great success especially thanks for the gipsy band who created a fantastic athmosphere.
Kind regards,

Elisabeth (the event agency from Hungary/ Their customers stayed in the hotel GRAND KEMPINSKI***** Strbske Pleso and enjoyed the programme in GHigh Tatras area)

18. 10. 2010

I celebrated my wife’s bithday by visiting Bratislava last week, our first trip to your country. She is a keen Leonard Cohen fan and we both enjoyed his fabulous concert last Wednesday.
Petra has been superb in making this trip run so smoothly. The Hotel Tatra was excellent and Bratislava is a very beautiful city to explore. We have told our friends! Keep up the good work!
Best wishes,

Michael (from UK/ attended the Leonard Cohen concert and stayed in the hotel TATRA**** in Bratislava)

27. 09. 2010

Everything went perfect from the side of Enjoy Slovakia. The tour and the dinner was great. Everybody loved the food. Maros was so kind and gave us also detailed information about the gallery.
Unfortunately, people from the forklift truck world are not so interested in culture. I apologize to Maros and Marian for the quite unconcentrated people and the ones who just ran away. It was not the fault of the tour guides.
Thanks again for your support.

Kind regards Martina (from HYSTER in Germany/ we have organised the VIP sightseeing and special dinner in the restaurant Flowers for them in Bratislava)

05. 09. 2010

I am just writing to say how much we enjoyed our stay at hotel druzba in jasna. we had a lovely room, really clean and with really nice decor. the facilities at the hotel were great and the breakfast excellent. although we arrived at 10.30 am we were allowed to check in to our room straight away and all the staff were very polite and helpful. thank you very much for a great stay which really enhanced our holiday in slovakia.

best wishes Sonia (the customers stayed in the hotel DRUZBA in Low Tatras / Demanovska Valley)

26. 07. 2010

Hi, hope you had a good weekend!

I just wanted to send you a quick mail to thank you and the team for helping us organise and deliver a great fun week last week within Dell Bratislava. Having chatted with Radovan, he was delighted with everything and had emphasised how much your help and liaison with him had made the route smooth for the delivery of the weeks activities. I just wanted to pass this on and to thank you most sincerely for your help, patience and understanding during our set up and delivery.

I look forward to working with you again soon.

Best wishes and kind regards Cheers Corinna (from TREND MICRO Company in UK/ we have organised the Trend Micro Days for them in Dell in Bratislava)

09. 06. 2010

I had a phone call 2 days ago with Mr. Heuer. He told me, that all three gentlemens were absolutely satisfied with the trip to Bratislava. Hotel, guide, excursions and restaurants, everything was in good quality. For any new group to your country you can be shure, that we will contact ENJOY SLOVAKIA DMC again. Thanks once more for your excellent services. Beat Bütikofer

With my very best regards , Beat (tour operator from Switzerland, we have organised the complete programme for their VIP clients, they stayed in the hotel AUSTRIA TREND in Bratislava)

03. 06. 2010

I and also in the name of all participants would like to thank you very much for your support, recommendation and finally for the excellent organisation. Unfortunately we and also you could not choose the weather but still was it a great event. Please say also once more thank you to Maros who has an enormous knowledge in different disciplines such as history, art, wine etc. He did a great job and all of us where very pleased. We are looking forward to our next year business meeting in Bratislava where we need to have another special event. I let you know in time when it will be held so we can make new plans together.

Best regards, Rolf (company PIAB from Switzerland, we have organised the Walking Dinner product for them in Bratislava)

02. 06. 2010

Thank you for the very good, precise and flexible organisation! The group was very satisfied with everything!

Thank you very much! Noemi (event agency from Hungary, we have organised the complete incentive for their clients in High Tatras, they stayed in the hotel GRANDPRAHA Tatranska Lomnica)

20. 05. 2010

I have spoken to the clients and they really liked Bratislava as destination, the food and especially the river rafting. You have a very unique selling point there! So all good! I will be back!

Joakim (event agency from Sweden, we have organised the complete incentive for their clients in Bratislava)

29. 04. 2010

I wanted to say Thank You for all your support and the perfect organization. We already got a very positive feedback from our customer. Everybody enjoyed the Walking Dinner and was really impressed. I am looking forward working together with you in the future.

Best Regards, Carolin (event agency from Germany, we have organised the Walking Dinner product for them in Bratislava)

08. 04. 2010

Thanks again for your great help, it was a pleasure working with you! and who knows, maybe we’ll have a new project in Bratislava soon. 😉

All the best, Jason (event agency from Germany, we have organised the complete logistics for MASH/BASF European tour in Slovakia)

19. 03. 2010

Enjoy the weekend and thanks a lot to the whole team of Enjoy Slovakia for their professional support during this event. Guests enjoyed a lot the teambuilding event in In Vino and I look forward receiving the pictures as soon as possible. Take care.

Best regards from Annebel and Pascale (event agency from Belgium, we have organised the complete logistics for Thermo King conference in Bratislava)

23. 11. 2009

I would like to thank you for all the excellent services provided by Enjoy Slovakia. If we have any enquiries for Slovakia we will not hesitate to contact you immediately. All the best from Budapest

Andrea (tour operator from Budapest, we have organised the logistics for the WorldBank event)

11. 11. 2009

I believe our clients had nice trip, I have not heard otherweise. I also want to thank you for a good and professional co operation and I hope I can get back to you another time. Best regards

Bettina (tour operator from Denmark, stayed in the hotel DEVIN)

02. 11. 2009

I have received positive feedback from my manager and from the guide and from the clients.. Thanks for your all support and kind interest… Kind regards from rainy Istanbul

Nazly (tour operator from Turkey, stayed in the hotel RADISSON SAS CARLTON)

08. 09. 2009

Thank you all for the short but active and memorable time in Slovakia! We all loved the old town and the castles, the rafting, the wines, the small towns and villages we passed by. You had done a wonderful job with the itinerary – thank you! Accommodation and dinner in Crown Plaza were excellent! Maros is a perfect group leader and guide with excellent english and very good knowledge of history, politics and architecture – thank you! I include the thank you’s and positive comments of our customers and let’s hope for a fruitful cooperation in the nearest future. We really did enjoy Slovakia:)

Evelyn (tour operator from Estonia, stayed in the hotel CROWNE PLAZA in Bratislava)

02. 09. 2009

We are back from a most enjoyable trip to Slovakia. Thank you for helping us arrange our hotel accommodations. Everything went like clock work. If the future permit us to travel over to the country again I certainly will contact you. His Excellency, Bishop Joseph V. Adamec wanted me to also thank you. He found his accommodations very comfortable.

Elaine (stayed in the hotel ARCADIA in Bratislava)

27. 07. 2009

I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with Enjoy Slovakia DMC and thanks for your friendly service. All our delegates thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality they received!

Kind regards, Ravi (BIOGEN IDEC /the clients stayed and had the small conference in Devin Hotel Bratislava)

15. 06. 2009

I would like to thank you for your professional work. It was very nice to cooperate with you. The feedback was very good.

Once more thank you and the greetings, Ute (ARCELOR MITTAL /the clients stayed and had the conference in Falkensteiner Hotel Bratislava)

18. 05. 2009

All participants were satisfied with the venue and also with the evening event, the interesting city tour with Jana and dinner with wine tasting. If we plan further events in Bratislava, we will ask for your support again. With friendly greetings from today rainy Walldorf/ Heidelberg

Lydia (SAP Germany /the clients had the conference in Falkensteiner Hotel)

11. 05. 2009

Ich habe gerade mit dem Kunden gesprochen und er ist vollauf begeistert gewesen! Der Guide war so eine nette Dame und alle Kunden sind total glücklich wieder nach Wien gekommen! Freue mich sehr, daß das so wunderbar funktioniert hat und hoffe auf weitere Gruppen mit Dir! Liebe Grüße aus Wien

Veronika (travel agency from Vienna/ Austria/ their clients visited Bratislava for one-day trip)

09. 04. 2009

I’d like to say that it was a real pleasure working with you! You were a great help for me and readily answered all my questions and discussed every little detail. I really hope we’ll have another program in Slovakia soon so that we can work together again!

Best regards

Viktoria (business travel agency from Moscow/ Russia/ their clients SOLVAY PHARMA stayed in the hotel DEVIN in Bratislava)

12. 02. 2009

I have spoken with the client. They seem to be satisfied. Everything went smooth. To sum up I would like to thank you for the professional approach. It was pleasure to cooperate with you and Enjoy Slovakia. I look forward our future cooperation. I stay in touch

Best regards

Karol (tour operator from Poland/ their clients stayed in AquaCity Slovakia in Poprad)

23. 10. 2008

Thank you so much. Everything was perfect and I’m really happy, because group thanks us a lot. It was your professional service and protection. Next time you have to negotiate with yours football tem, give us a chance to win 🙂

Mariusz (tour operator from Poland/ their VIP clients came to see futball-match Slovakia vs. Poland)

09. 10. 2008

Es hat alles sehr gut geklappt. Sollten wir wieder mal nach Bratislava kommen, werde ich Sie gerne wieder kontaktieren.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Evelyn Fuchs (tour operator from Austria/their clients stayed in HOLIDAY INN)

29. 09. 2008


our client phoned me today early in the mornig to tell me that everything was going SUPER and that the programme went off perfectly. Also from me once more -THANK YOU VERY MUCH -for your help and willingness. I hope and look forward to cooperate with you in the future.

Many greetings from Vienna, Marilia (tour operator from Vienna/their clients stayed in CROWNE PLAZA and enjoyed the incentive programme including the rafting)

01. 09. 2008


Just a short note to say how much we enjoyed our holiday in Slovakia. The hotel, food and scenery were fantastic and the people very helpful. We will definately be returning.

Best regards, Geoff M. (stayed in the hotel FIM Low Tatras)

26. 08. 2008


Myself and the family had a wonderful time in Slovakia.

We really enjoyed Bratislava, especially the old town. Our accommodation in the Radisson was top notch.

I really enjoyed the drive to Poprad – the roads were a lot better than I expected and to be honest would put our roads in Ireland to Shame. The kids had a great time in the Aquacity – we had very tired kids at the end of each day.

Myself and Joy were really impressed with the Grand Hotel Smokevic and the Tatras. We did a day trip around the mountains and explored Strbske pleso and Liptovsky Mikulas. We also visited a couple of the small villages en route. I don’t think the holiday could have been improved and myself and my family would like to thank you sincerely for organizing it. Each of the locations were unique and each member of the family were catered for.

I can safely say that we will look to come back to Slovakia again some time in the future.

Best Regards David (stayed in the hotels RADISSON SAS CARLTON, AQUACITY-MOUNTAIN VIEW, GRANDHOTEL Smokovec)

07. 07. 2008

Concerning this group we want to congratulate your job and assistance for the 4 groups. The client was really happy with the services, food, attention…. We hope to work again in a short future.

best regards patricia (the tour operator from Spain)

04. 07. 2008


Our clients were absolutely satisfied, everything was excellent. The two guides were really nice and they did a very good job. The captain of the boat was great. The clients really enjoyed every minute of both the cruise and the sightseeing tour.

I will definetly recommend your company to my colleagues at our outgoing department and you will hear from us regarding incentive tours.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Best regards, Judit (the tour operator from Hungary)

02. 07. 2008

Dear Ludmila,

Thanks for your email. So far we were very happy with the hotels we booked through you. Both the Marrols and the Arcadia were wonderful hotels where guests felt very comfortable. Also the service was good and they were very attentative and caring. Many thanks for your support.
Kind regards, Andrea (the incentive house from Germany/ EURO2008 event)

01. 07. 2008

Dear Ludmila,

Liebe Ludmila, heute bin ich den ersten Tag wieder im Büro und ich möchte mich ganz herzlich bei Ihnen und Ihrem Team bedanken. Die Teilnehmer hatten eine schöne Zeit in Bratislava, es hat Ihnen sehr gut gefallen. Einen ganz besonderen Dank an Maros – er war ein fantastischer, außergewöhnlich guter Guide, der sein unglaubliches Wissen mit einem tollen Witz vermittelt haben. Wir waren alle schwer beeindruckt und froh, ihn an unserer Seite zu haben.
Ich hoffe auf eine baldige weitere Zusammenarbeit.
Viele Grüße, Eva (the incentive house from Germany/ EURO2008 event)

27. 06. 2008


for the moment feed back is very good. Thanks and we will be in touch for future events.
Regards, Victor (the tour operator from Spain)

23. 06. 2008


Thanks to you for your cooperation! We are glad that we had have a pleasure to work with you. I could see your care of details and customer. I believe we will cooperate in the future. All the best to you, and once more time, thank you for cooperation.

Best regards, Pawel (the incentive house from Poland)

20. 06. 2008

Nochmals vielen, vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung, Ludmila! Sie waren eine wirklich äußerst angenehme Kooperationspartnerin – kompetent, entspannt, zuverlässig. Mit Ihnen würden wir jederzeit wieder zusammen arbeiten! Sagen Sie auch Ihrem Kollegen Marek vielen Dank von uns.

Beste Grüße aus Berlin, Nina (the incentive house from Berlin/ Germany)

17. 06. 2008

Unser Aufenthalt in Bratislava war wundervoll. Die Unterkunft im SAS Radisson Carlton war eine gute Wahl. Alles sehr gepflegt, stilvoll und elegant. Das Frühstücksbuffet war wirklich reichhaltig. Das Hotelteam angagiert. Kaffee und Kuchen standen bei unserer Ankunft bereit. Klasse. Besonders freut es uns, dass unsere Gäste sich äußerst wohl gefühlt haben.

Kurze Anmerkung: Im Doppelzimmer der Eheleute Kathmann fehlte das Zustellbett für den 5 -jährigen Sohn. Dies ist nach Anmerkung bei der Reception schnell aufgebaut worden. Es wäre schön gewesen, wenn das Zimmer etwas größer gewesen wäre. Alles soweit o.k.

Gerne werden wir uns bei Bedarf nochmals mit Ihnen in Verbindung setzen. Ihre Firma wird von uns weiter empfohlen! Vielen Dank Ihnen und Ihrem Team.

Mit freundlichem Gruß i.A. Edith W. (eine Firma aus Deutschland)

12. 06. 2008

Many thanks. The feedback from our client was very good, they were very happy about the tour and the restaurant, and the whole programm. Everything was fine. It will be a pleasure for me to work with you in the future.

Kind regards, Natascha (the tour operator from Vienna, group coming for one-day trip to Bratislava)

09. 06. 2008

Everything was best. Our guide on Saturday did a perfect job. Thanks for everything.

Kind regards, Georg. (stayed in CROWNE PLAZA)

22. 04. 2008

First of all…many thanks for your cooperation and the the good organization! About this event if Bratislava yesterday I spoke with mr Mendicino that thanks me and all your staff for all the services (hotel, dinner, guide….) All was perfect… I hope to work with you for some other trips in the future!

Many thanks and best regards Paola (stayed in APOLLO)

15. 04. 2008

We had a great time in Bratislava, and the tour was very enjoyable. The guide was incredibly knowledgeable and we really enjoyed learning all about Bratislava. Many thanks for your help,

Regards, Claire (stayed in DEVIN)

10. 04. 2008

We arrived back at 14:30 to our office in Dublin. From our end we were very pleased with the level of service that Enjoy Slovakia provided for us. Everything went very well and nothing was an issue.


Edel (event for wealth company in Dublin)

06. 04. 2008

Everyone had a great time on the trip, thanks to you and Marek for all your hard work. Sean told me that you and your colleague were very attentive and helpful and it all went very smoothly.

Sean was a little disappointed however that the group was unable to go white water rafting (which I know was out of your control). The jet skiing was OK, but we only had 3 jet skis rather than 4 so the amount of jet skiing they could do was limited. Everything else was great, but from my point of view I would have liked to know in advance that only 3 people could go karting at one time.

Overall we were very happy with the service from Enjoy Slavakia and we will use you for future trips to Bratislava.

Many thanks and kind regards Claire (event company from London)

31. 01. 2008

We had a fantastic time in Slovakia and Aquacity. The weather was not so good on Sunday, but we had a great time on the slopes in Jasna on Monday. Thanks again for organising everything, I’m sure we’ll return one day.

Best wishes

Neil (stayed in AQUACITY- MOUNTAIN VIEW in Poprad/ Tatra mountains)

29. 10. 2007

Thank you for all your help with the conference trip, everybody ejoyed it! The Goose Dinner was fantastic! Everybody really liked it! And the cave was really interesting to see. And the “Halusky”, half of the group really liked it and half did not like it that much….:). It was nice to try!

And ones again, thank you for all help. I will really recommend you if I hear that anyone is going to Bratislava.

Best regards,

Marie from Sweden (stayed in RADISSON SAS CARLTON Hotel)

22. 10. 2007

I heard from my colleagues that the trip was very successful and they had a really nice time in Bratislava. They were inspired and satisfied with all arrangements. I would just like to thank you from all my colleagues for your work with this trip.

Best regards,

Jenni from Sweden (stayed in DEVIN Hotel)

5. 10. 2007

I have spoken with Noeleen here in the office and some of the people on the trip and they were extremely pleased with this trip. Noeleen told me that everything was organized estremely well and she said that the restaurants were fantastic. Actually some of the clients also said to me afterwards that the restaurants were really really good. So over all extremely happy. Thank you for the information and hopefully I look forward to going there myself soon and bringing some more groups.

Best regards and many many thanks for all your help and cooperation.

Sheila from Ireland (stayed in hotel DUKLA)

30. 7. 2007

At the moment we didn’t receive any new request, but as soon as I’ll receive any request, I’ll forward it to you!!! Thank you so much for your wonderful job and help!!!

Elena Lange from England

14. 5. 2007

Thank you very much – everything was great and the clients will have good memories about their stay in Bratislava and Hotel Danube.

Best regards,

Renate from Austria (stayed in DANUBE Hotel)

31. 07. 2006

Just to say thank you for your assistance in organising what was a great trip to your country. Me and the boys had a great time, wonderful hotel, great weather, lovely people and a beautiful place to go. Although our transfers were late at the airport, your colleague was excellent in sorting out our problems and the free beers as compensation were much appreciated. Many thanks for your help Simon Corley

Simon from London (stayed in the hotel RADISSON SAS CARLTON)

21. 09. 2005

It was a superb weekend – thank you so much! Hotel was good, breakfasts were great. The coronation ceremony at the Cathedral was very impressive, we felt honoured to be there, and the jousting tournament was just great. Just a bit disappointed with the “contemporary” fireworks display Sat night!! The Old Town was buzzing with life night and day – we had some great cheap meals and even managed a Danube trip to Devin on the Sunday morning.

Weather was superb as well so all in all a brilliant weekend. Many thanks again

Marysia and Chris from London (stayed in the hotel DEVIN during Coronation Weekend)

05. 07. 2005

We had a great day out. The alternative to the bobsleighing (bowling, pool and a few beers) was most welcome.

The groom of our stag weekend had a most excellent weekend in Bratislava. Thank you for your help in helping me organise a great weekend. I will be recommending “Enjoy Slovakia” to my friends and colleagues.

Malcolm from London (they stayed in the hotel MARROLS)

27. 06. 2005

I would like to thank you on behalf of the betafence team for the perfect location and the nice hotel ! Also the cooperation with Adrian was very good and well prepared. Our customers really enjoyed their stay in Tatranska Kotlina and were already asking to come back next year. ALso the guidance during our rafting trip was OK.
You can recommend this hotel to other customers and also the trip to the beautiful landscape of the High Tatra was wonderful. At the border of the river we were welcomed in Tatra style on a good barbecue.

Joost, company BETAFENCE Belgium (stayed in the hotel KOLOWRAT)

30. 05. 2005

The decision to hold our meeting in Bratislava at Hotel DEVIN turned out to be a great success.

Due to the professional assistance of ENJOY SLOVAKIA in recommending appropriate accommodation, meeting facility, and the Restaurant Tempus Fugit (highly commendable!), our participants enjoyed the pleasant and therefore efficient atmosphere during the meeting as well as the social activities.

Special thanks to staff of Enjoy Slovakia, who’s support and advise fully met the expectations of the event.

Claudia, company URS (the conference group stayed in the hotel DEVIN)

25. 05. 2005

We very much enjoyed our stay at the Hotel Marrol’s in Bratislava. This is truly a Hotel functioning at the 5 star level,
although it may be too small and/or lack some of the required convention facilities to achieve that level. The hotel exceeded expectations. Well appointed, large and tastefully decorated room with free high speed data line, and FREE MINIBAR!!! (what a concept). It is central and an easy two and one half block walk from the boat dock on Danube River (our arrival point). Just 2 blocks outside the pedestrian only zone makes taxi access easy, but just 2 1. 2 block walk to trams and centre.
The staff is competent, multilingual, easily and always accessible. Please pass on to them our gratitude for their “over and above”
helpfulness in getting to the train station. We had stupidly left our passports in the room safe, checked out, took taxi to the train station, purchased ticket to Vienna, and then realized our oversight. With only 17 minutes until train departure, I rushed out, got a taxi back to the Marrol’s, and established the time urgency with the driver. In the cab I called the desk at the hotel, and they agreed to reopen my room, and with my authorization to reopen the safe using their code. I arrived at the hotel less than one minute after completing the call. The woman at the front desk recognized me and across the room waved me to go to my room. I rushed up, and the bellman was just opening the safe, confirmed who I was and gave me the passports. Taxi got me back to the station
and my wife and I rushed to the platform. We were just sitting in our seats on the train as it departed. Good job at the Hotel Marrol’s. This is a hotel with resources and personnel who take care of one’s needs and make one feel at home.
Jeffery from Spokane , USA (stayed in the hotel MARROLS)

23. 05. 2005

The trip to Slovakia was a real succes. From the members of our group we got nothing but positive comments. Everybody was enthousiastic and it seems that they all have Enjoyed Slovakia.
Simone and myself were enthousiastic and satisfied as well. The planning and organization went smoothly. The contacts with you were very nice from the beginning. And last but not least: the realization of everything we planned went very well. Therefore I would like to thank you once more for all your efforts. You have done a good job.

Michel and Simone from Amsterdam – we have organised Jewish Heritage Tour for them (stayed in the hotels DEVIN and the hotel GRAND Smokovec)

18. 05. 2005

They all had a fantastic time and there was no problem with the tickets – the only complaint I got was from my other half that went and he said that the aeroplane was a bit warm!! There’s always one!!

They all thought it was excellent and the walking tour went down very well – they all praised the guide.

The hotel could not be faulted and the breakfast was very good which I think they all needed as most of them did not get back to the hotel till 6am each day – here are a couple of the comments I got:

Just wanted to say what a fantastic time we had in Bratislava last weekend! The hotel was lovely, brilliant location with a view of the Danube – and a wonderful breakfast which was necessary after the cheap drinks each evening!

The walking tour that is included gave a real taste for the city and history – so you could choose what you wanted to go back and see.

We took a train to Vienna on the second day (World Ice Hockey Championships – Canada vs Russia!) and also explored a bit there. A few others on the trip did the same and felt two days in Bratislava was more than enough so fitting in a horse & carriage in Vienna during a day was worth the hour to get there (train tickets were under a fiver for return).

Food is cheap, drinks are cheaper and even the tickets to the Slovakian Philharmonic were just 6 quid.

Just a few thoughts from a very satisfied sports & social member! Very good hotel, excellent position overlooking the Danube. Brilliant breakfast selection and good rooms. The free guide really was good and the town itself was very clean and VERY cheap!

Natalie– Sports and Social Events Manager from London (the group stayed in the hotel DEVIN)

15. 05. 2005

Just a short note to say thankyou from all of us for organising our transport, accomodation and paintballing. Also a big thankyou for sorting out the problem we had on arrival at the hotel. Everything was excellent and we all had a very enjoyable and memorable stay in Bratislava.

I have already passed your details to all who went on the trip, they all commented on how well the tour was organised, for which you must take most of the credit.

George, who escorted us during the paintball was a very helpful guide. I would appreciate it if you would also pass on our thanks to him.

Brian from London (the group stayed in the hotel RADISSON SAS CARLTON)

05. 05. 2005

My friend and I are back home after a wonderful few days in Bratislava. The hotel was superb – thank you for your help.

Norma from UK (stayed in the hotel MARROLS)

22. 02. 2005

Thank you so much for your help in planning our holiday. We had a wonderful time. We all agreed it was the best holiday we have ever had. The hotel was absolutely superb and the staff couldn’t have been more helpful. We skied for four days at Tale. The instructors and snow were perfect. We also had a night out in Bresno, too much Fernet and Pivo I think. We would very much like to visit your country again and as soon as we know our Hoiliday dates we will be looking to book again.

Your kind help really was much appreciated and we are very thankful.

Charles from UK (stayed in the hotel PARTIZAN at Tale resort)

08. 02. 2005

I am just writing to say how much my family and I enjoyed our recent visit to Bratislava, which you organised for us. We had a fantastic time exploring the beatuiful old town and felt very welcomed by everyone we met. The hotel was very comfortable and we enjoyed the use of the spa. Thanks once again.

James from London (stayed in the hotel MARROLS)

07. 02. 2005

Thank you we enjoyed our holiday very much – apart from the snowing which looked very nice but was not so easy on the feet! The hotel was excellent; The transfer service was excellent; The food was excellent and very cheap; Janette was very knowledgeable on her history of the city and very nice. As you know we had to visit the Primates Palace on another day so we saw a lot of the tourist information office who were very helpful. However, I would just add we did feel it was a lot of money for the sightseeing as it is a very small city and did not take too long. Your help was very much appreciated and thank you for arranging everything. Kind regards

Ruth from London (stayed in the hotel TATRA)

31. 01. 2005

Hotel Aquacity was perfect as lodging. The hotel is very nice and very modern with every clients’ needs.The pools were fantastic and also Vital World.
Our transfer by train was ok although the desk operator at Bratislava airport did not speak English and we had some problems in explaining to her.
The skiing was excellent where we had a very good instructor. We went to two resorts, Strbske Pleso and Lopusna Dolina.Lifts were quite good.
The taxis were sometimes expensive, seeing that we were foreigners.
The food was good almost everywhere in Poprad.
The people were very nice and friendly especially the young people.
The countryside was marvellous especially the mountains were we went to Lomnicki Stit, on top of the mountains and it was really nice. We also went to see a cave in Tatranska Kotlina suggested by the receptionist but on Mondays it is always closed and the receptionist told us it was open.
We are very satisfied of our Slovakian holiday and already planning to come back.

Thanks for your help


Karl from Malta (stayed in AQUACITY Poprad)

03. 11. 2004

Excellent time thanks, all had a very good weekend. The hotel was ideal, and we all had a great time at the rifle range. Mike ensured we got to have a go on all the main guns we were after, and gave us details of good places to go out afterwards. Thanks for sorting all that out for us.

Cheers, Dave (stayed with his group at the hotel KYJEV and booked Riflerange package)

29. 07. 2004

Thank you very much taking care of our accommodation in Bratislava.
The hotel was suberb and apparently we had one of the best rooms at the hotel, nice view etc. Furthermore we liked Bratislava itself a lot, especially old city was very attractive.
We are looking forward dealing with you some time in future as well.

Best regards,

Ari & Kirsi (stayed in the hotel RADISSON SAS CARLTON)

20. 06. 2004

This Email just to advice you that Mr & Mrs Benoit has been extreamely satisfied of their trip in Slovakia. They found your organisation, as well as both booked hotels very good. The guide you provided for them was also excellent. Thank you for your organisation. Let us now hope to have some more business to Slovakia.

Jean from Belgium (his customers stayed in the hotel RADISSON SAS CARLTON and hotel SOLISKO)

20. 06. 2004


we want to say thank you very very much for your help.

Everything is great. There was no problem with the hotel.

The holidays are really great and we are sure we will come back.

So again many thanks.

And many greetings from germany!

Anita from Germany (stayed in the botel FAIRWAY)