Liptov Region

Visit Liptov region, which is bordered to the north by the Western Tatras and to the south by the Low Tatras, and is bisected by the Váh River, is one of the most beautiful parts of Slovakia. It is renowned for its valuable wooden folk architecture. This can be best admired in the village of Vlkolinec, a uniquely well-preserved example of village architecture, which is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Liptovsky Mikulas, in the centre of the region, is an historical city featuring a beautifully reconstructed square. Juraj Janosik, the Slovak equivalent of Robin Hood, was executed here in 1713. The Liptovska Mara reservoir, named after one of the villages that disappeared under its waters, is a summer sports resort. The Tatralandia Aquapark is a large waterpark attraction near the reservoir. Another thermal swimming pool is located in Besenova.

In the summer, you can always cool down by visiting the marvellous Demanovska valley, which contains the two largest accessible caves in Slovakia, one of which is actually an ice cave. In winter, the valley hosts throngs of skiers, and offers a large choice of ski runs at all difficulty levels.

Visit Liptov, it is a region of hospitable and friendly people where it pays to take time to enjoy the highlights of the local cuisine, such as the traditional bryndzove halusky (gnocchi with fresh sheep’s cheese, topped with fried bacon pieces).

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