Teambuilding in Bratislava

Treasure Hunt in Bratislava’s Old Town

The “treasure hunt” theme has now become a standard product of incentive tourism. What makes it different each time is the different urban setting, and the varying cultural and historical heritage contexts in which it takes place. Our treasure hunt (paper or digital version) is a colourful jigsaw of Celtic, medieval, Habsburg, Napoleonic and Communist themes – and much, much more, all sited amid the picturesque cobbled lanes of the painstakingly restored Old Town of Bratislava.

Online Teambuilding

Bratislava Old Town

Petrzalka Housing Estate Extravaganza

The vast Petrzalka housing estate is one of the largest, most anonymous – and most confusing – Communist housing developments in Europe, a real “concrete jungle”. With many of the apartment blocks almost indistinguishable from each other, even Bratislavans can get lost here. Small groups will be formed, each provided with a map and bus tickets. They will receive instructions to follow, leading them on a tour through – and hopefully out of – the district

Petrzalka Extravaganza

“Ostalgia”? A Glimpse Back at the Communist Era

An interactive programme will let you experience a taste of the Eastern Bloc atmosphere that for decades reigned in this country. Period decorations, historical posters and music will contribute to the staged authenticity of a real Communist experience.

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