Slovakia after coronavirus crisis

June 15, 2020

After successfully containing the spread of the virus, Slovakia has now reopened its borders with Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Schools and institutions are operating under special conditions, and hotels and restaurants have opened again, under strict protocols laid down by public health authorities.

We have been very lucky here: there have been only about 1,500 cases of COVID-19 cases and 28 deaths in Slovakia. In March, we watched the news from other countries with some trepidation, wondering how our public health system would bear up in the face of the pandemic. The government here acted swiftly, implementing immediate and severe measures to slow the spread of the disease. Despite their drastic economic and social impact, these actions were well-received by the population, who responded with impressive discipline. People systematically wore masks in public, practiced social distancing, accepted lockdown conditions, and observed special shop opening hours for senior citizens. This solidarity among citizens contributed to our relative success in limiting the spread of the virus.

Given the tragic losses here and elsewhere, this is no time for celebration – but we are now preparing for the future. Locally developed virus tests are being produced and stockpiled. A new home-quarantine app was introduced to allow returnees to isolate safely in their own homes. Stocks of masks and ventilators are now in place, in case a new wave of the virus emerges.

Update 11.11.2021 – the actual covid19 situation in Slovakia can be monitored on the official COVID-19 in Slovakia site.