A Memorable Spring Day in Bratislava

May 5, 2018

A leading heating system manufacturer chose a springtime Danube cruise as its annual event. Our guests’ stopover in Bratislava lasted one day, during which we had a chance to make their time in Slovakia memorable. The program consisted of three parts. In the morning, our Royal Bratislava Walk took the delegates to all four corners of the city’s beautifully restored Old Town and included a visit to the Gothic St Martin’s Cathedral, coronation site of Hungarian kings for 250 years.

The afternoon offered a range of alternatives: adrenaline sports, active pursuits, something for art lovers, and start-up sessions. The inspiring day concluded with an evening at an estate in the hills above Bratislava. The exclusive venue for this event was a historic country house, featuring wooden beams and bare brick walls, set among bucolic hillside vineyards.

A festive dinner, along with folk dancing and the opportunity for colleagues to socialize, in the delightful setting of a warm spring evening in the countryside, provided a memorable highlight of our guests’ brief stay in Slovakia.