Russian delegates enjoy a speedboat trip along the Danube

April 10, 2014

A group of delegates came to inspect one of the major car plants in Slovakia. ENJOY SLOVAKIA DMC organized for them a special speedboat trip during their stay in Bratislava. After a short journey by 20-seater coach, the party boarded three brand new high-speed motorboats that took them on an excursion along the mighty Danube River. Passing beneath Bratislava’s four bridges (the fifth – the oldest – had recently been dismantled and is soon to be replaced) and speeding along the Old Town riverfront and the city’s modern neighborhoods, they were able to see Bratislava’s two castles.

Devin Castle is located in a strategic border zone between Austria and Slovakia, which a quarter-century ago was the border between East and West. The boats anchored on the Morava, a major tributary of the Danube, overlooked by the proud silhouette of ancient Devin Castle. While sipping Prosecco, delegates were introduced to the rich history of this area, home to Romans, Germans, Slavs and Hungarians over the centuries – the castle itself was destroyed by Napoleon’s army in 1805. The native Russian-speaking guide then took our guests into the castle and presented her expert knowledge of the site.

The concluding dinner of the event took place at UFO, one of Bratislava’s best restaurants, located 88 meters above the ground and providing a 360-degree view of the city and the Danube River beneath.