A Weekend of Photography in Bratislava

August 25, 2014

A leading camera manufacturer invited a group of clients to spend a late-August weekend in Bratislava in order to familiarize them with its new product. A short voyage to Bratislava aboard the Twin City Liner fast riverboat from Vienna, then one night at a centrally located landmark hotel comprised the trip.

Enjoy Slovakia DMC helped with all the local logistics and provided a local heritage expert to guide this special-interest group. The first evening’s activity was a photo shoot at the Castle, which is nicely illuminated at night. The second day was the highlight, during which our guide presented various locations in the Old Town. The romantic Kapitulska Street, which has been Church property since the Middle Ages, retains its authentic character, free of commercial activity (no shops, cafes or bars!).

The group climbed the tower of the Old Town Hall, which offers 360-degree views of the city, and photographed the Art Nouveau treasure of Bratislava, the co-called Blue Church.