Bratislava Incentive – The Treasure Hunt for a French Software company

January 30, 2012

As part of a conference in Bratislava for its collaborators across the broader CEE region, our client asked us to organize an interactive, teambuilding and Bratislava-related activity which could be held at any time of the year. We agreed to arrange an evening version of our Bratislava Treasure Hunt.

It was January, and we prayed for good weather, while cautiously eyeing the weather forecasts; in the end, we were lucky enough to get a dry evening with temperatures well above zero. After an initial bus trip, during which the rules of the game were explained and the teams assembled, the delegates fanned out across the historical city centre of Bratislava to fulfil their tasks. These included deciphering ancient memorial plaques commemorating historical events in the city, visiting major sites, and learning about the Slovak capital’s rich musical past.

Unfortunately, there could be only one winning team; but all those who took part and enjoyed a personal encounter with our city were winners. To conclude their relaxed Bratislava experience the delegates tasted a range of traditional seasonal hot drinks at the city’s outdoor winter market before returning to their hotel in good spirits. Our photographer had documented their wanderings around Bratislava and delegates were able to view the best shots at an awards ceremony during a gala dinner held that evening, with the remaining pictures being displayed the following morning.