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Travel information about Slovakia

Traffic regulations

Road signs in Slovakia correspond to European norms. The speed limit is 50 km/h within cities and villages, and 90 km/h outside cities and villages, while the speed limit on highways is 130 km/h. Seatbelts are compulsory and drivers are strictly prohibited from consuming alcohol (including beer).


Generally, 95-octane petroleum (normally labelled 'Super') and diesel fuel are available at all filling stations.


City-centre parking is permitted only in selected zones. In larger cities, parking cards (available from street vendors or kiosks) are used. Illegal or unpaid parking can result in a 100 EUR fine or in clamping/towing.

City traffic

Buses or trolleybuses provide municipal transport in all towns; Bratislava and Košice also have trams. Tickets must normally be purchased, before boarding, from newsstands/kiosks or from ticket machines located at bus/tram stops. In some smaller towns it is possible to pay upon boarding.


Taxi services are available in all larger towns. Charge: EUR 0.80-1.00 / km

Car rental

Car rental is available in all larger towns in Slovakia.

Distances by road

Bratislava - Vienna: 60 km
Bratislava - Prague: 350 km
Bratislava - Žilina: 210 km
Bratislava - Banská Bystrica: 213 km
Banská Bystrica - Košice: 237 km
Banská Bystrica - Poprad: 140 km
Žilina - Košice: 265 km